5 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics To Try

When you first start a business or side hustle, it can be difficult to get clients. You need to try a variety of marketing tactics if you are to succeed. Some of the following tactics can be rather….unorthodox, but they are effective. Personally, I am all for trying odd marketing tactics as long as they are ethical. You can create an incredible marketing plan if you implement guerrilla marketing. All that means is that you are promoting your products in an unconventional way. So let’s get started! Here are 5 guerrilla marketing tactics you may want to try today:

  1. Break out the chalk: Have you ever seen kids draw on the sidewalk/asphalt with chalk? Of course you have! You can actually use this as a marketing tactic by writing your website url and social media handles on the ground. Instant publicity! Do it in a place that has a lot of foot traffic. Make sure you are allowed to do it at the spot you are thinking of.
  2. Head to the bookstore: Go to your local bookstore and put your business card into books that pertain to your business. For example, if you offer social media services, put your card in a book that teaches the user about social media. This actually works! I acquired one of my old clients this way.
  3. Tip your waiter (or waitress): Whenever you eat out, leave a business card. You never know if the person waiting your table will need your service or not. If you really want to push this tactic, leave the waiter a pen. Doing so will enable them to hand future customers materials with your brand on it! This is a great way to promote your business because it provides people with materials they can use, and it can reach a lot of new potential customers. It is a win-win
  4. Grab every business card you see: If you see a business card for another business while you are out and about, grab it! Then, email that business with information about your service, or product, and maybe even make an offer. I actually made an email list of potential clients using this tactic. Do not spam them though! Email them once, and if they do not email you back, leave them alone.
  5. New business listings are your friend: Use your local new business listings to acquire phone numbers to call. I hate cold calling, but sometimes it is necessary. It is all about volume, so the more numbers you have the better. You can tell which businesses are small and large just by looking at the listing. If it is a small business, it is likely the new business owner is using their personal number for the business. This gives you a direct line to a potential client. You can obtain these listings by simply typing in “new business listing (insert city)” into google.

Seriously, you need to try some of these tactics! I was able to kick start my web design side hustle using these, so they do work. Comment any additions you would like to add to the post, and let me know if you try some of these tactics! Cheers!