I truly enjoy reading , and my hope is that you will consider reading more after reading the articles throughout this blog. Books provide invaluable information that simply cannot be found elsewhere. Well, it can be found on google (of course), but you have to dig for your desired information. Plus, reading a physical paperback book simply feels great. Anyway, I personally strive to read a book a week. This includes physical, digital, and audio books. You do not need to follow suit, but I do recommend at least reading a book a month. On this page of the site, I am going to list four books. I will be updating this list every month. If you miss a month’s set of books, do not worry. They may make an appearance again. I encourage you to read at least one of these books because I will only be listing books that I believe provide the reader with information that is, for the lack of a better word, invaluable. So please, take a look!

A must read for any aspiring follower of FIRE. Rich Dad Poor Dad will introduce you to the concept of financial freedom as well as the process of developing assets. Kiyosaki has a way with words that will keep your attention the entire read. 

Eric Ries is a fairly successful software entrepreneur that was able to produce several million in his 20s. He takes the concept of lean manufacturing and applies it to startups in a very interesting way. A solid read for new business owners. 

This book pushed my budgeting obsession to the extreme. It is incredibly insightful and the budgeting methods are extremely useful for those looking to obtain FIRE. I highly recommend “Your Money or Your Life

Another awesome read for entrepreneurs here. The author goes over how creative you can be when starting a business and his case studies are quite inspiring. I mean, who would have thought you could start a business delivering books on a bicycle? Oh, this is also the book of the month!

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